Swedish banks and Latvia´s crisis

Latvia is in the headlines around the world, after the violence yesterday night. There are of course a number of reasons for the protests (10 ooo peaceful demonstrators before a few hundreds started attacking the parliament).

In a short note on Aftonbladet´s Europablogg, I adress one factor. The irresponsible way Swedish banks has acted the last years, lending money in Latvia without any reasonable caution.631414_skyscraper_-_solar_stone_riga_city_3

When the financial crisis hit, the Swedish government was eager to minimize the losses of the banks. Anders Borg´s Ministry of Finance did what it could to convince Latvia not to devaluate its currency. Instead, Sweden and the IMF pressed Latvia to implement drastic reductions in teacher´s and nurses´salaries.

General mistrust of the present government and corruption charges are other factors behind the protests. But the Swedish government should take its responsibility for this crisis very seriously indeed.

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5 Responses to Swedish banks and Latvia´s crisis

  1. Mark T. Market says:

    I recently featured Taleb speaking out in frustration against the economic and banking establishment, also joined by his mentor: Benoit Mandelbrot. Their statements about rapid crashes has striking correspondence with Jared Diamond’s observations about societal collapse.

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  4. Arita says:

    Not only teachers and nurses’ salaries were cut. I am a lecturer at Riga Technical University and my monthly salary is 5 Ls (about $ 10). It used to be 180 Ls. I teach at faculty of computer sciece and my collegues also receive 5-10 Ls. The administration has forced us to sign agreements with 0,03 of work-load, so if full time salary is 500 Ls, then 0,03 load is just a few dollars. And I was asked to take an unpaid holiday for 4 months. In other words, we have been working for free for 2 years now.

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